"Taking a chance and getting rejected feels so much better than not taking the chance at all."

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Why do I think that I can do this?

I know i can pick up girls, I always have them laughing and I can make them feel really comfortable for me. At the moment its about becoming MORE social and having the ability to meet new people and expand my interests. I have hobbies (rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, music), and I am attempting to get outside my comfort zone and become more passionate.

I’m reading the way of the superior man right now. You should too, It’s got some good stuff, especially about lifestyle.


My wardrobe

What do I wear on a normal day out?

On bottom I like to rock colored khakis (green, gray), corduroys, and occasionally I’ll wear jeans but I like to stay away from them..

On top I go with branded t-shirts, crew-neck sweatshirts, patterned flannels occasionally, button-up short and long sleeve shirts. It’s kind of a modern skater look.

As for shoes: Nike Mavrik lows, moccasins, 2 pears of Sperry Topsiders (gray and black), some running shoes (asics), slip-on pumas that are torn to shit (dont usually wear those around).

I like to fold up my pants 1-2 times depending on the show I’m wearing. I’ll wear a slightly curved hat sometimes always tipped up so that the ladies can check the doo. As were getting into the winter I’ve been wearing a beanie on top of my head, but uncovered so my hair’s still visible. I like this look, its more mysterious. I’ll post a pic of some outfits on here eventually, but today I’m not doing any pua (gotta study)

  • treygui: I was watching an interview you do on MensRoom and you told the guy "visualization is huge", just curious if you can go a bit in depth with that. For example, you see a cute girl, what do you visualize? Do you just like assume you'd get her no matter what and visualize her in your arms? What if it doesn't work out, wouldn't that effect you?
  • Other question is, do you visualize in other parts of your life?
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  • cajunspice (Cajun pua): Yes I visualize in most things. It's not really what you may think though, the truth is EVERYONE visualizes. The problem is that men tend to visualize logically, so this happens:
  • sees cute girl*
  • "Uh oh, what should I say? Oh right, I'll use that opener Cajun told me. Wait...what if she says _____? Uh oh, and what do I say after that? Shit shit shit. Oh right I just transition....but what if...ad infinium"
  • When we create a logical problem in our head through visualization we tend to stress until we can work it out logically in our head, which only leads to a new problem.
  • SO...
  • The solution is to visualize EMOTIONALLY. Don't think about the logic of what you're going to do, just the emotion of what happened when it worked. This is how men tend to fantasize, have you ever daydreamed about giving an awesome speech or being awesome in front of people? DO you remember EXACTLY what you said in that fantasy? Probably not, because you were focused on the emotion. That's what proper visualization is.

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As I’ve mentioned, I am enthralled by psychology and just came across this wikipedia article about flooding, which is used to treat phobias (Aproach Anxiety). Time to flood.


11/6 FR as of 2:24

Wellll lets just say that I didn’t get any numbers today (yet).

After walking around the plaza for 2 hours, girls passing me by every which way, I didn’t cold approach one of them. I saw a couple girls sitting on benches that were cute but I was nervous to sit down next to them. I felt like it would be creepy.

I finally told an hb4 I liked her shirt when I was passing by, that helped my confidence a bit.

Afterwards, I got out of class and walked up to an hb7 and asked what everyone was gathered around for. It was an acapella group about to sing a song, and I didn’t know what to say from there so i walked out. Should I have asked about her outfit? Something? Fuckkk.

I know I can fucking do this, It’s just that when I see a girl walking somewhere, I get AA and am too afraid to approach. I wish I had a wing.

Goal: 1 Cold-approach. After that, I’ll probably do more.


11/6 goals

Today’s election day. I’m going to go turnin my ballot (forgot to mail it in) and hopefully meet a few new people along the way.

  1. Open on 4 hb7+’s
  2. Make flowing conversation, ask about outfit, etc
  3. Avoid talking about school subjects
  4. Use good body language (thumb in pocket, open but wide stance, shoulders back)

I’ll post an update later to tell how it goes.


I like this and I’m going to post updated goals with this in mind

"Stop focusing on being a nice guy and be a confident guy."

— Rick H.